IT as a Service / ITO

IT as a Service or Full ITO options. Get IT services, hardware and support tailored to your needs. IT as a service saves you the cost of buying and upgrading hardware, is easy to scale with your business growth, and makes IT expenses easier to manage.

Security and Infrastructure as a Service

Stop making massive investments in equipment, space to accommodate it, and staff to run it. Sparkplug offers integrated hardware, software, servers and storage. You only pay for the infrastructure that you use

Backup and DR Services

Backing up your company’s data in the cloud ensures that even if your equipment is destroyed or hacked, the information needed to keep your business running will be protected off-site.


Disaster Recovery 

Resilience Remove lock-in, unify, standardize and evolve IT with storage and hypervisor-agnostic replication
Hybrid Cloud –Multi-Cloud
Bi-directional mobility for Microsoft Azure, IBM Cloud, AWS, and vCloud Director enables true hybrid cloud
mobility, and efficiency
Simplicity Single platform for data protection, recovery and mobility across multi-site, multi-cloud environments
Always-On Data loss in seconds & continuous replication of VM block-level changes with no scheduling
Granularity Rewind & recover files, VMs and applications from any point in time in the last 30 days
One-to-Many Simultaneously replicate VMs locally, to multiple remote sites and public or managed clouds
Automation DR process automation, recovery service orchestration and custom pre-/post-recovery scripting
Prove Compliance No-impact failover testing and reporting to prove recovery in minutes during working hours

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Systems to Backup
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